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Quinvir Investment is a highly-specialized Korean financial advisory and placement service firm focused exclusively on private equity, mezzanine finance, venture capital and cross-border M&A deals, taking initiatives to act as a bridge between capital and firms with technology and potential. We also seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors, the communities and the investee companies.


Quinvir Investment offers differentiated and high-quality services based on the expertise and experience of the senior management team, combined with its exceptional networks covering not only the Asian regions but also the European and the North American markets.


Quinvir Investment aims to expand its business model into multiple sectors both domestically and globally through a combinational group synergy among its subsidiaries: Quinvir Lab, Quinvir Networks.





권오웅 (Andrew O. Kwon)

Executive Managing Director / Co-founder 대표이사

서울대학교 기계공학과

前 Macquarie Securities

現 Oracle Medical Group 대표

現 Quinvir Investment 대표



고주혁 (Joo Hyuk Koh)

Managing Director / Co-founder 대표이사

서울시립대 세무전문대학원 석사


前 Accolade

前 Pacific Asset Management

前 EASI Accounting Coporation

現 Quinvir Lab 대표



정용 (Yong Jeong)

Director / Co-founder 이사

서울대학교 경영대학


前 PwC 삼일회계법인

前 Deloitte 컨설팅

現 Quinvir Investment


김건영 (Kun Young Kim)

Director 이사

경희대학교 경영대학


前 KPMG 삼정회계법인

現 Quinvir Investment



윤석진 (Seok Jin Yoon)


Director 이사

성균관대학교 경영학과


前 PwC 삼일회계법인

前 Anse Accounting Firm

現 Quinvir Investment